About SLC

The Sierra Literary Cooperative is a community organization whose mission is to connect, support, and empower Reno-Tahoe area writers and their work, encourage the public to participate in the literary arts, and to bring more Nevada literature out into public spaces.

The greater Sierra Nevada region is in the midst of an arts and culture revival, and we believe our area has all of the necessary ingredients to become a literary epicenter in the West—both geographically and in the imagination. Our writers are talented and diverse, our readers legion and sophisticated, and our publishing and bookselling community vibrant, astute, and ready to help the greater Sierra Nevada region to take its place on the national literary map. Our vision for the Sierra Literary Cooperative is a collaborative network of artists and organizations working together to build and sustain that strong, vibrant literary future in our region.

Some of our goals for 2018 and beyond include.

  1. Serve as a portal to the myriad literary events and resources in our area
  2. Develop programming that enriches the careers of our literary artists, both emerging and established
  3. Foster a strong sense of community between writers and readers
  4. Grow the culture of the book throughout our region
  5. Expand the awareness and influence of Sierra Nevada literature within and beyond our borders
  6. Create physical space for literary community members to work and interact
  7. Promote regional authors, books, and members of the book-making marketplace

To receive our newsletter, to contribute events to our regional literary calendar, or for questions or interest in volunteering, please contact us.